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Hottest Technology News – Mac it up!

Hottest Technology News – Mac it up!

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Apple never fails to deliver the hottest technology with it’s over the edge elegant design and features, which is every tech savvy individual’s haven. Love at first sight coupled with power, elegance and dynamism. When Apple decided to take a leap of fate and start their very own business in notebooks which are one of a kind – with compact designs and mind boggling features – it was soon to be very promising merchandise. The hottest in notebooks are the Mac Air 2012 and the Mac Pro.

Confused whether to purchase a Mac Air 2012 or the Mac pro? Mac Air 2012 is an everyday notebook which means it’s incredibly portable having a measurement of 0.68 inches thick and weighs a mere 2.9 pounds. Apple can proudly boast of Mac Air’s dynamic design which does not compromise the features, unlike many other companies who have great aesthetic sense but are low on the real deal. Mac Air, however, is comparatively low on memory space when contrasted with the Mac Pro. However, it has an Intel Core 2 Duo i5 processor which runs programs smoothly without malfunctioning. One of the most appealing features of this product is the Intel HD Graphics 3000 graphics processor which is your entry card into a world of magnificence and grandeur for every color and pixel come to life, since the card drives around four million pixels of color on the display screen. Many of you may wonder “what about the speed?” Worry not, for Apple never compromises speed. This version of Mac Air is incorporated by the Mac OS X Lion operating system. This beast of a notebook is available in 11” as well as 13” screen. Mac Air 2012 is recommended for everyday users and light gamers.

Mac Pro, as the name suggests, has been designed for professionals – be it professional gamers, computer engineers, or heavily loaded business corporate. This hottest inbuilt technology for the Pro is the retina display – with the globe’s HIGHEST RESOLUTION DISPLAY – which makes it the goddess of all Macs! Bow down to Apple’s sheer genius. Five million pixels! Who would’ve ever imagined Apple to complete such a difficult task especially after Steve Job’s death? Brimming with quality, it’s strange to view images on the 15.4” screen with such rich and refined details. The notebook not only appeals to the eyes but is also super responsive. All the credit goes to the flash storage which quadruples the performance of an ancient hard drive. Wait for the final detail to be blown away because Mac Pro consists of the greatest mobile quad-core processor on the market which is the Intel Core i7. When you decide to purchase either one of the aforementioned notebooks, be prepared to experience a whole new computing experience.


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