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Current Technology News – Samsung Files Appeal on Nexus Injunction

Current Technology News – Samsung Files Appeal on Nexus Injunction

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The competition in technology just got so tougher than ever. Almost every month, a new product is being introduced to the market by some of the world’s reputable brands. Microsoft, Apple, Samsung and HTC, to name a few are in serious competition to prove who will rule in terms of popularity, high-end features and, of course, sales. That is why it did not come as a surprise when current technology news revealed that Apple and Samsung have taken their competition to a whole new level.

It is known that Apple recently claimed that Samsung had infringed some of its patents with the release of Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus. Apple, being one of the top in its field, was determined to take legal actions on the matter. It could be remembered that the technology giant had brought the patent infringement issue in the court early February.

Last week, current technology news has shown that US district judge Lucy Koh ordered the preliminary injunction against Galaxy Nexus. This injunction, though preliminary, posts a great threat to Samsung’s reputation and sales. The district judge’s order of injunction specifically prohibits the Samsung device from being sold in U.S. stores. However, this can be effective as soon as Apple posts a nearly 96 million-dollar bond.

With this decision from the court, it seems like fate favors Apple Inc. In fact, the injunction is its second legal triumph over Samsung. The same ruling was also given by the same judge against Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet. Although, an additional hearing must be done before this will take into effect, the iPhone-maker already posted a bond of $2.6 million to back up potential damages just in case the decision will be reversed.

But as expected, Samsung immediately filed a motion in appeal to the preliminary injunction granted to Apple against Nexus. According to Samsung’s spokesperson, the court’s decision is totally unfair and inconsistent. Additionally, Samsung states that the court’s findings of Apple to suffer badly on Nexus’ infringement on some of its patents are completely fallacious and are not backed up with sufficient evidences. Samsung stresses out that they are not in direct competition with Apple Inc. Thus, the court must to prove further that the Apple’s market share losses must be “substantial” in accordance to the Federal Circuit’s directive.

However, while the court’s order won’t be in effect, selling of Galaxy Nexus will still go on. Currently, the Android smartphone costs $349 in some leading stores.

The legal matters taken by the two companies will somehow take long. With the strong contention that the two technology giants have, the outcome of this case will surely interest consumers — both Apple and Samsung enthusiasts. But as of the moment, all we can do is to wait and keep eye on some current technology news for us to check on the updates of Apple and Samsung disputes. After all, additional hearing must be done for the court’s ruling to take effect.



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