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Hottest Tech News – iPhone 5 Parts Leaked

Hottest Tech News – iPhone 5 Parts Leaked

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The final quarter of 2011 marked the domination of iPhone4s, a smartphone manufactured by Apple Inc. With a good marketing strategy paired with commercials and ads that appeal to all walks of life, iPhone somehow dominated the realm of mobile devices. Not to mention the sensationalized death of Steve Jobs added to the marketing appeal of iPhone4s and other Apple Inc.’s devices. This totally raised an advantage over android phones.

However, the early quarter of 2012 threatens the iPhone domination as Samsung, HTC, LG and other reputable brands introduced their top of the line android phones that obviously surpass the features of the celebrated iPhone 4s. Whether the rises of android phones have shaken iPhones’ sales or not, one thing is for sure: it influenced to the upcoming release of iPhone 5.

With the high-end features of android phones such as 1.5 Ghz quad core processors, 12MP rear cameras and internal memories that can handle up until 32GB, smartphone enthusiasts can’t hide their anticipation for what iPhone has to offer. Apple Inc. has not officially set the exact release date of the new smartphone yet rumors circulated that it will be around September. Most people could not wait that long. That is why when the recent news about iPhone 5 parts was leaked, it sparked interest among majority.

Leaked parts are pointing to prototypes that have largely similar form factor. These parts, however, suggest that there will be no significant change in the phone’s aesthetics. Aside from its larger 4-inch screen, it is said that there will be no major “shock value” for the iPhone 5. In fact, it may be a disappointing to see that it will be just an elongated version of its predecessors. Whatever its appearance will be, the important thing is that it is packed with features that will surpass other smartphones and androids in the market. After all, Apple should justify the anticipation of the public by producing something that would end the domination of other brands.

iPhone 5′s Additional Features

Surely, the new iPhone will run on iOS 6. In addition, there will be minor tweaks and big improvements for people to get the best out of their smartphone experience. Notable enhancements with the iOS 6 are in Siri. Being the “bomb” of iPhone 4s, Siri still highlights the important features of the new iPhone. Notably, Siri can give you score updates of sports’ major leagues, movie trailers, and even restaurant reviews among many other features.

Additionally, there will be Facebook integration and mail functions that are more powerful than the current iOS. All these and many more are part of the 200 new features that will be available for the new iOS version.

Challenge for Apple

Perhaps the new hardware and software improvements for iPhone 5 may be enticing to hear. However, other smartphones which are similar or even better are already in the market today. In addition, companies like HTC and Samsung will be extra competitive in marketing their products. With that being said, one challenge is posed for Apple Inc.: will they be able to dominate the market again?

Well, let’s wait for the anticipated release of the iPhone 5. After all, the said “leaked parts” are nothing but speculations. Who knows Apple is cooking something that will ultimately raise the bar in smartphone manufacturing?


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