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Online Marketing – The Importance of a Landing Page

Online Marketing – The Importance of a Landing Page

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A website has different aspects that you should consider if you want to make it successful in-terms of marketing, earning or simply amusing your potential leads. Although experts have different emphasis on how to make your website successful, all of them would agree that creating a successful landing page is integral in attaining that success. That being said, let’s talk about what a landing page is, and its importance to you and your business.

A landing page is any website that you create for either running email marketing campaigns, organic search engine promotion, press deliverance, or PPC campaigns. Once visitors arrive on your website after clicking a particular link, traffic and revenue is generated, the first thing/page they’ll see after clicking the link is your landing page.

What is the purpose of having a landing page…?

Retaining the Customer in your Site

One of Google’s metrics when measuring how important or significant your site is, is the “bounce back” rate of the web users. If there are web users coming in your site and leaving your site in just a matter of seconds or perhaps in a very short span of time, this goes against your site as Google’s Algorithm would see this as your site as lacking in good content. Now I’m pretty sure that you already know by now that with the current focus of the Panda and Penguin updates, the last thing you’d want is for your websites’ pages to be viewed as boring or lacking in content by Google. People are actually penalized by this. 

PPC Campaigns (Pay Per Click Campaigns)

PPC serves as an internet advertising model which assists in directing traffic – in terms of viewers and customers to your landing page – where advertisers will  pay the publisher (in this case, YOU) when the ad/link  is clicked. Advertisers are keen on selecting particular keywords –usually search engine optimized – which serve their area of interest.

Marketing Campaigns

The world we live in is highly competitive and to keep up with its pace, we have to adapt to the new and modified marketing strategies. How can a business flourish without its salesmen and advertising agencies? Running marketing campaigns via your own land page is a convenient way of making money. This provides you with a scope to create a market which caters to a particular audience – selling a particular product minus the additional links – which diverts the customer’s attention.

Point of Reference

As I mentioned, after the users click your link, what’ll appear is your landing page right? Considering this, I’m sure that the users clicked your link because your link supposedly points to where they can get the information that they need. When the users are on your landing page, they use this as a point of reference to view even more links to different pages of your website, to view the different resources that you have which would answer their queries. That being said, it’s very important that you not only make your landing page look good, it should be organized in such a way that the information you’re offering to the users queries are easily accessible to them.

Having read these important factors are sure to have pointed out to you how important a landing page is. Never take this for granted and be sure to put a lot of thought in your landing page and make it as craftily as you can. Just a thought, if the customer service representatives are what represents a large company or corporation, then your landing page is what represents your entire website or your business for that matter. You wouldn’t want to be represented sloppily, wouldn’t you?


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