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SEO Article Writing – Importance of Using “H Tags”

SEO Article Writing – Importance of Using “H Tags”

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Wanting to get a high PR for your website is a goal that almost everyone has when putting up a website. Although it’s true that others may have just created a site for passion, I’m sure that everyone would agree that majority of website owners do this for marketing and financial purposes.

One of the best ways if not “The” best way of adding contents to your site to get a good SERP is through article writing. Although there are several components that make-up SEO article writing, one thing’s for sure… writing an article with good content alone is not enough if you want to capitalize on your articles functionality.

There are several components on how SEO article writing works but let me talk about the importance of using the H tags as I feel that these are greatly undervalued.

  • It Helps in Adding SEO Value to Your Article

For some unexplainable reason, a lot of people don’t use headings/subheadings (Also known as the H tags) even if it adds SEO value to their article. The way it works is that when you use headings or subheadings with your keywords… It helps the WebCrawler from Google understand what your page is all about. In addition to that, it tells the WebCrawler the important parts of your page which helps for better indexing. Imagine, if the WebCrawler sees that what’s important on your page is your “keyword target” because you used H1 (Heading) on it, I’m sure you’ll agree that it’ll give you weighted SEO value on your article.

  • Appealing to the Readers Eyes

In a society where easy access or easy gratification is given, writing an article with no headings/subheadings can be an eye sore. If you put yourself in the users’ shoes, seeing an article without any headings/subheadings would mean tedious reading. Should you add heading or subheadings though, it becomes a different story. Seeing these will help the user get a better understanding of what your article is about in a quick glance. They won’t have to “risk” spending their time in useless reading since they’re sure that your article is what they’re exactly looking for due to the headings/subheadings in your article.

  • Helps you Emphasize on the Important Parts of Your Article

Since it’s normally written in bold (since the style can be adjusted), the readers would understand that the author of the article is emphasizing on this specific idea. If you have good content, without emphasizing on the important parts, the readers just might miss it. Now wouldn’t it be a shame if you took your time writing the article as craftily as you can only for the readers to miss your point due to the multiple ideas in your article?

After reading this article… you’re convinced right? You now understand how using headings and subheadings would help you when doing SEO article writing, am I correct? These extremely important points are not to be neglected if you want to get your site better SERPs. To be more blunt about it… using the H tags will not only make your SEO article writing more readable, it’ll also help you get the traffic that you need.


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