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Hottest Technology News: Bridging CO2mmunication

Hottest Technology News: Bridging CO2mmunication

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Many of you will be wondering what exactly is O2? Oxygen, perhaps? Yes, the idea is inspired from the concept of oxygen which is a vital gas for every individual’s survival and growth. O2 is fundamentally a telecommunications agency which works in advertising and design, and is essentially occupied with branding, advertising, promotions, and media services. The organization assists in helping potential partners to develop and broaden their original goals and to achieve the inevitable. The growing business has its own internet supply and cellular network, and is a partner of companies like Vodafone. O2 corporations are found under partnership in metropolitan areas such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Manama, Muscat, Doha, and Jeddah. O2 is known for arranging integrated marketing communication techniques and smart strategies.

So how exactly does the O2 network function? Internet coverage is offered on mobile phones, tablets, and has also introduced its very own mobile phone tariffs as well as mobile phone accessories, thus providing the customers a blend of options to choose from. Not only that, the O2 network also has more perks to offer. Are you afraid of losing all your contacts when reformatting your cell phone? Don’t be upset for O2 has a blue book in which all contacts (including numbers and names) can be backed up. Unlike deceitful money bagging companies, the O2 network also provides mobile insurance in case of accidental damage – in which case 80% of the handsets are replaced the up-coming day.

What’s the real deal? The deal up till now is supplying either 2G or 3G network coverage, both of which provide a decent downloading and streaming speed. The advancement which may get you hooked to this network is the idea of establishing 4G network. Once a 4G network is initiated, you will no longer need to wait for your favorite movie to buffer first or wait for your online gaming console to start. This idea will take a couple of years to materialize but it will definitely be worth the wait.

Whoever said telecommunication companies don’t care about Mother Nature? O2 network is really environmentally friendly and believes in preserving and nourishing the environment side by side. O2 provides an option to customers to get their old cell phones recycled and gives their customers an incentive of providing a particular sum for giving their phones to O2 recycle instead of disposing them off for the battery to leak away and further pollute the environment.


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