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SEO Writing: Tips for SEO Optimization in Article Writing

SEO Writing: Tips for SEO Optimization in Article Writing

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What exactly are the things that we should consider when writing articles for SEO optimization? This is a common question that newbies often ask when in the process of learning SEO writing. Although grammar, choice of words, contents etc… are in-fact very important when writing articles, that’s not all that matters when writing an article for SEO optimization.

To the newbies, let me share with you the important must haves when writing articles in light of SEO optimization.

Importance of Keywords in SEO Optimization

Writing articles without carefully considering the keywords reduces your articles’ value by the thousands. Your keywords play a very important role when having your article SEO optimized. That being said, make sure that your keywords are well thought of and is something that online users might be typing in when using the search engine box. Doing this increases the SEO value of your article. In SEO writing, as a general rule, your keyword density (number of times your keywords should appear in the article) should be at around 2% to 5% or basically once every 100 words.

SEO Optimization by Using Bullets and Sub Headings

The value of writing articles with sub headings and bullets are underrated. Making use of these tools are very critical as it makes your article very readable and it creates a sense of importance to the readers’ eyes at first glance.

Since it’s a known fact that most of us are looking for easy and fast gratification, using sub headings and bullets makes it easier for us to spot the important points of the article thus, granting easy gratification. It’s also for this reason that most articles are written in 400 – 500 since anything more would be taxing to read to the general public. Remember, if we feed the need of “easy gratification” of our readers, overflowing traffic will definitely come your way.

Using Links for SEO Optimization

Making use of links helps your website get marketed in a passive way. Since you’ll be adding links on words that are important or may need further definition (which I’m sure the readers will need), readers would click on this leading them to your website.

Adding Photos or Images

Professional writers doing SEO writing are very keen on this. They are well aware that to increase the readability of your article, relevant images must be attached to it. Also, when attaching your images, make sure that you make use of “alt tags” and save your images with a file name that includes your keywords.

These are just the basics in SEO writing. If you do writing for a living, submitting an article with all of these components factored in will definitely impress your clients. These may be the basics, but these components does magic when it comes to producing traffic.


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