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Current Technology News: Nexus 7 Tablet of Google Jam-Packed!

Current Technology News: Nexus 7 Tablet of Google Jam-Packed!

Android, Gadgets, TECHNOLOGY, Technology News - July 15, 2012 - 0 Comments - by

Two years ago, Apple introduced a touch-screen tablet computer to the public called iPad touch. This was followed several months later with Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablet. Although the introduction of both touch-screens were all and good, the most current technology news today is no less than Google’s own brand of tablet. Interesting huh? It has announced on July 13th, Friday that they’ve started shipping the pre-orders of its first self-branded tablet named as Nexus 7. Since then, there has been a tremendous demand of the gadget in the market.

Google designed its tablet as a Wi-Fi only device that serves as a gateway to the Web and Web-based content such as movies and music. It wants the public to use its services in the cloud instead of providing extensions such as USB ports, SD card slots or HDMI out to the gadget itself. It also achieved its objective of offering a higher-resolution display with a 16:9 aspect ratio in a seven inch screen. Though the tablet is light enough to be kept inside a jacket pocket or a handbag, its big enough to watch videos on. Due to its lightweight and a nicely contoured back making it more portable and nice looking, some distributing companies listed the device as being out of stock on their websites just as of Friday.

What’s more interesting with this current technology news is the factor that most people consider when choosing a gadget which is their affordability, price, without compromising the quality of the device. Good news with Nexus 7 tablet, aside from its good quality and credible features, comes with a very affordable price for all at $ 199. Nexus 7 didn’t disappoint Google when competing with Apple’s iPad and Amazon’s Kindle Fire as it has been fast selling across retail chains as well as flooded with overwhelming reviews from major gadget reviewers.

They chose not to add the rotating screen feature that most tablets have in Google’s Nexus 7. This that’s because of the vast reviews by tablet users that once they hold their tablet into a landscape manner, it’ll automatically rotate itself leading to some strange transitions. Another innovating feature of this current technology news of Google is the use of Android mobile software as its operating system, which has never been used before in a tablet market. The choice of Google in using Android makes it more familiar to consumers even if they’ve not used it yet.


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